Andrew Craig artistAndrews career as an artist spans over thirty-two years. He was born in 1967 in Glasgow and now resides in Market Rasen. During this time he has worked in many artistic fields. At the age of 21 his first job in the artistic field was at Games Workshop design studio where he was hired as a figure painter for their magazine ‘White Dwarf’.  At the time this would help finance his career as an aspiring artist outside of work. Upon leaving Games workshop two years later, Andrew spent many years as a freelance artist taking on many private commissions from pencil portraits to landscapes in oils.

Andrew has had a lifetime passion for the performing arts and theatre. His personal favourite show is ‘cirque du soleil’, and he was given the opportunity to work within the theatre industry for the Theatre Royal in Lincoln as part of their set design team.   His job varied there from painting the huge backing cloths to painting props. His inspiration for entering the Fine art arena, was for the work of fellow artist and friend, Jonathan Shaw. Andrew recalls the first time seeing Jonathan’s work, particularly how ‘pioneering in its style’ it was. He ‘wanted to produce work that would inspire the hearts and minds of people in the same ways that Jonathan’s work inspired’ him.’ He has been of great support to Andrew in his own artwork in recent years.

Andrew signed to Washington Green fine art in around 2006, after parting ways with them a year later he entered a licensing deal Washington Green and Saffron Editions which had worldwide success.   From 2014 to the present day Andrew has been successfully tutoring art classes teaching oils, drawing, water colour and acrylics, as another way to finance being an artist.

Teaching is something he thoroughly enjoys; “When I teach art, my aim is to set each individual free on their artistic journeys” and he seeks to do the same in his own artwork. “I would say over the last couple of years, I’ve been producing some of my best work. I’ve pretty much closed all my social media down (Facebook etc…) to have 100% focus. The work I’m painting at the moment has been liberating. This [the mountains] is what I love to paint! … I’m trying to capture, for the viewer, a state of solitude, calmness and harmony.” 

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