Commission A Painting

Duncan Palmar Painting Commission It is possible for you to commission your favourite artist to paint to a size to fit the space available in a room or to depict a desired scene or favourite location.

You can also ask them to replicate a painting that has been sold for example which will result in something very similar but differing in the detail so it is still an original painting in its own right.

Commissions are normally produced at similar costs to work already produced by the artist but you will need to be absolutely sure of what you want before going down this route.

It is often best to find a similar painting in style, colour and size etc and also have a photograph(s) of what you have in mind in order to give as much guidance to the artist as possible, while still allowing them to add their own perspective and unique interpretation.

We are familiar with this process, particularly as we have our own Artist in Residence, and can help and advise you on achieving what you want. You should however note that not all artists produce commissions and it can take several months depending upon the time of year and their workload to complete the work.

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