See the Art of Chris DeRubeis

chrisBorn in 1978, it wasn’t long before Chris showed a very early proclivity for drawing.

He drew on many materials that he could find at home to express his talents which was nurtured to the fullest by his family.

At the age of 20 Chris attended the Pasadena Art Centre as well as the Associates in Art College in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Around this time, he also began experimenting with different tools and techniques to manipulate the way light reacted with the surface of metals. He introduced chemicals and paints to the surface creating unique reactions to bring his art to life … and so Abstract Sensualism was born.

The introduction of this unique style to the art world was met initially with uncertainty as galleries had never seen or sold art like it before. However, it wasn’t long before his innovative style and techniques were duly noticed and honoured with two nominations in the First Annual Fine Art Awards in 2005 where he earned the “MUSE” Award in “New Movement” and is now known as “The Father of the Conceptual Movement”.

See the Art of Chris DeRubeis