Cortés is a Spanish artist born in Valencia in 1963.  He began law studies in his hometown, which he abandoned to devote himself exclusively to the Fine Arts. Cortés is a self-taught artist who initially came to painting with a desire to capture with his hands the innumerable natural beauties of coastal Spain and more specifically the landscapes of Valencia, the lagoon and its beaches.

A tireless traveller, over the years he has been collecting and saving images of all the cities he has visited such as Paris, Italy, Amsterdam, Casablanca, Istanbul to later incorporate them in a very personal and free way to his paintings in oil, generically titled “Broken Landscapes” by the pictorial technique used, mainly with a palette knife.

These have an impressionist style, with a range of very neutral and elegant colours that create an atmosphere in his intimate paintings. More recently, Cortés has brought his technique into a bolder, brighter and more contemporary genre of sailing – full of energy and dynamism.

He has participated in collective and private exhibitions, obtaining great admiration for the way he handles oil paint, a favourite material and that very few landscape painters manage to master with the simplicity which he shows.

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