deetz the artistPeter Davidson, aka Deetz, was born in the mining town of Ashington, Northumberland in 1968 and now lives in Newcastle.

Being a self-taught artist Peter’s work is heavily inspired by his memories of growing up in a typical northeast mining town in the 70’s.

As a young lad a pencil was never far from Peter’s hand and his love of art has never diminished over the years. Now working in acrylic Peter’s paintings represent a time no longer with us but firmly in our memories.

As he says,
As an artist who lives and works in Northumberland, I primarily work in pencil and monochrome pastels. I was born and bred in Ashington, which is where I picked up the nickname ‘Deetz’, don’t ask me why Deetz, I think it was something to do with a footballer from way back when. I now live in the village of Ellington, where the last deep mine was until just a few years ago.

I started drawing at school and just carried on. Drawing has always been a hobby but recently, after being made redundant, I decided to make my hobby my full time profession. How lucky am I having a job and hobby rolled into one, no more is it a chore to go to work !

My inspiration comes from the hardworking characters from my powerful childhood memories. My hope is that through my work, I can help to keep alive those memories by depicting scenes of the everyday life of those times both at work and at play.