Located in the Midlands, Grace is a contemporary mixed media artist. Her passion lies in crafting intricately textured and three-dimensional artwork.

She is a self-taught artist who holds a first-class degree in textile design with a specialisation in embroidery. It was during her studies that she began conceptualising the creation of her own clay-based “beads.” Over time, these concepts have blossomed into a whole new world on canvases. Complemented by a range of techniques and mediums to develop unique artwork.

Grace’s art exhibits a strong sculptural essence, heavily inspired by forms of nature and organic textures. A large portion of artwork draws inspiration from coastal landscapes and the vast, underwater world. Childhood trips to the seaside instilled in her a love for the sea, shells and textures formed by these coastal wonders.

Grace’s aspiration is to infuse light and bring timeless art into any environment, evoking a sense of tranquility and serenity.


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