grahamlester-8_75Think 3D, think unique, think paper … Lester’s handmade, or rather hand carved sculptures are built in many intricate layers with paper carefully hand cut, bent, folded and curled to give the 3D effect. Such sculpting in paper requires extreme precision and great imagination. 

I have worked with paper as a medium for some time whilst running a creative design company and have been commissioned to produce paper sculptures for display work and other promotions. I now focus on using the medium to express my own ideas. I have demonstrated paper sculpture in John Lewis and other venues and have recently started doing workshops.

I also work in wood producing mainly abstract forms, through this I acquired a lathe to assist with wood carving but soon got into the world of bowl turning, whitch led me to explore verius recycling materials such as magazines, digarded plastic signs and other materials bonded together and turned. I have also done some stone carving from time to time.

I find it stimulating alternating these different medias, although the disciplines are different, ideas can be carried across from one to another.