See the Art of John Horsewell

john hFrom a very early age, Essex born John Horsewell was aware of the love of art in his family, so it was as natural to pick up a paintbrush as it was for him to walk, since both his grandfather and both his parents are professional artists.

Whilst at school, he experimented in all forms of painting and although he became proficient in many media, including pastel and watercolour, he soon realised that oils were ideal for his style and to give full expression for his use of colour and light.

Upon leaving school, he entered the world of interior design, but still continued painting in his spare time, exhibiting paintings; first locally and then as his reputation spread, exhibitions were held in London, Birmingham, Manchester and other major cities. In 1978, he finally decided to concentrate fully on his art and since that date, has gone from strength to strength and his paintings are now in collections in the United States, Japan and Great Britain.

He has found that his technique and style is at its best capturing his own favourite landscapes and so sharing with us the world he sees and most enjoys. John is essentially an Englishman in love with the vistas of southern Europe and the tranquility of glorious peaceful seashores, the latter based on his time spent in the Florida Keys.

His paintings are executed with both brush and palette knife, which gives them a very noticeable texture, quickly communicating the pleasure of viewing the location. Johns works are painted with great flair, both in colour and execution, which gives them an air of excitement, thus providing the viewer with an invitation to “walk in”.

John lives with his wife and three children on the Essex-Suffolk border and continues to express his love of the countryside in his work.

See the Art of John Horsewell