julie connor artistJulie is a self taught, multi-media artist residing in Colchester in Essex. She began painting and drawing at an early age but decided against any formal art training, choosing instead to develop her talent through self taught means. Julie consequently moved through the educational system into a successful career in nursing, but later decided to give this up to pursue her art passion full time. Julie paints with acrylic for its versatility, favouring high flow fluid acrylics and inks particularly. “I adore using bright, bold colours and often team them with contrasting dark backgrounds to really make them pop.”

Julie’s new collection is inspired by her love of cities. “Growing up in a small country village, big cities have always captivated me. London and Paris in particular hold a special place in my heart.”

A cityscape painting is a snapshot in time. But in reality, cities are a buzz of excitement and activity with bursts of colour. Julie aims to create this atmosphere and energy with the use of bright colour, dark moody skies, and the addition of random marks, squiggles and splatters, to give the piece movement and vitality.

“Cities are often depicted as being grey and dismal but I don’t see that. Whenever I exit the tube or metro, I see beauty, magnificence, grandeur and a piece of history. That is what I embrace in my work.”

Julie works from her home studio in Essex as this is where she’s most content. She endeavours to connect with her audience by providing escapism, reducing stress and promoting feelings of well being.

The rewards she gains from creating art for her collectors are very similar to those gained through nursing: helping people through something within herself.

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