keithKeith Drury was born in Northern Ireland in 1964 and is a self-taught artist.

Keith’s interest in art began when he studied the works of international artists but it was some twenty years later before he took the step to become a professional artist.

Keith ‘When I Dream’ art series has become one of the top selling range of artworks for many of the UK’s largest city galleries.  As an art style it is unquestionably innovative and contemporary in its interpretation of the urban landscape with the creation of individual models and use of software by Walt Disney.

Each artwork is created with meticulous attention to detail and months of exacting work. The pictures often yield delightful surprises to those who are eagle eyed or use magnifying glasses !

Keith’s art has received a public national commission and is on permanent display to the public in Belfast City Hall. Commercially his art has found its way into every world continent,  has been used by the rich and famous but is created simply to be enjoyed and to be a talking point on anyone’s wall.