kenI have been a professional artist since 1971 and am self taught. A lifetime love of boats and the sea brought me to the south coast, where I now live and work.

I made a name for myself in the art world as a traditional artist and my work has been sold in many galleries throughout the UK.

In developing my style of traditional marine art, I have spent time crewing various sailing vessels, including The Sir Winston Churchill (a top sail schooner) and Thames barges. These experiences have helped with my understanding of the rigging and the working of old sailing ships.

Further to my traditional work, in recent years I have developed more contemporary styles and techniques, moving with current trends within the art world and appealing to a much wider following. I work in various mediums including watercolour, oil and acrylic and like to experiment with new techniques and materials, such as painting on glass, using metallic leaf and trilogy box canvases.

Although marine art is my forte, from fishing villages to battle scenes, I also paint landscapes, specific buildings/churches (usually commissioned for retirement/wedding presents), and street scenes – some of which have been used for puzzles and calendars.