The Artist Nick PotterNick was born in Chesterfield, Derbyshire (of ‘crooked spire’ fame) in 1959. Despite attaining an ‘A’ in art at ‘A’ Level he was encouraged to go to University rather than Art School . He read Archaeology at Leicester University followed by a P.G.C.E.

In the early eighties Nick moved to the beautiful village of Great Bowden in the heart of the Leicestershire countryside. Living in the country and fuelled by frequent visits to Cornwall, Scotland and the Lake District he became much more interested in Landscape painting. This led to years of experimentation with different media which is when he discovered the vibrancy of acrylic inks, using them like watercolour paints.

Nick paints in his garden studio to the background of ‘ Audio books’ on tape or CD. These are unabridged and can last up to 17 hours. He is so attuned to this way of working that he cannot paint without them. They are as much a part of the painting process as the paint or canvas.

Having decided on the composition in a sketchbook he carefully but quickly sketches in the detail. All this planning is often covered by the first coat of paint. He then decides on a ‘mood colour’ which will unify the painting; however the first coat of paint may be the exact opposite. Nick paints with acrylics for their versatility and quick- drying properties. He paints quickly employing various textures, dribbles, splatters and scrapings.

Nicks love of wild landscapes and his concerns regarding the pressures upon them fuels his desire to paint. Nick now lives yards from the sea in Embleton on the fantastic Northumberland coast where he is inspired by the landscape and seascapes every day.