Richard Cooper and Company specialise in the design, creation and manufacture of fine art sculptures and collectibles in a variety of mediums.  They work with the finest sculptors in their field to produce works across broad and diverse subject matters. These sculptures are available in the gallery only and not in our online shop.

Richard Cooper Bronze sees their designs produced in fine foundry bronze using the ancient method of lost wax casting.  The bronzes are finished in the traditional way of patination, where various acids are fired into the surface of the sculpture to create layers of beautiful rich colours. 

Richard Cooper Studio explores mediums such as cold cast resin bronze, fine bone china, hand painted cold cast bronze and nickel plated resin to create unique and highly collectible works of art.

Bronze Mice by Michael Simpson
Nickel Resin Sculptures by Keith Sherwin


Keith Sherwin was born in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, the home of the Potteries. He trained as a ceramic artist, with world renowned company, Royal Doulton, well known for producing leading designs and world class artists and sculptors.

Keith Sherwin

Keith is a self-taught Wildlife Sculptor, working in both clay and waxes. The wax medium enables him to capture the subject in great detail and the design telling a story. He has designed many of the nickel resin range shown above.

He has worked with leading companies, such as Country Artists, Border Fine Art and Sutty Porcelain developing new ranges and a collectable base worldwide. More recently, he has turned his attention to producing sculptures in bronze, with commissions from companies such as Richard Cooper Bronze .

Keith has developed his own Gallery range for Wildlife Exhibitions and supplying Art galleries producing a variety of subjects of the natural world. His passion for wildlife fuels his creativity and gives opportunity to try new techniques.

Conservation is important to Keith ,he is a member of the RSPB , Staffordshire Wildlife Trust and supports the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation through online sales.

His aim is to observe nature and its beauty and to capture that moment in time in the Sculpture and hope the viewer will then share his passion and joy creating it.

Michael Simpson studied fine art at Staffordshire Polytechnic and it was the traditions of his home town of Stoke-on-Trent which inspired his love for sculpture. The famous towns forming the region have created some of the worlds finest works and respect for the craft of the sculptor and designer is well deserved.

Michael Simpson

There are few modellers who can produce accurate and detailed studies covering such diverse subjects as dogs, cats, African wildlife and the female form. Mick is one of the few who can achieve this goal working from reference books, his own drawings, photographs and observation. Like so many artists and sculptors, his studio walls are covered in this reference.

Mick is unusual in another way in that he is one of the few sculptors preferring to model in clay. Mostly wax is used for its versatility but Mick loves the freedom clay offers and is quite content to work around its limitations.

He has designed many of the nickel resin and cold cast bronze mice range shown above.

Paul Szeiler lives on a hillside over looking Loch Broom near Ullapool in the North West Highlands of Scotland. He takes inspiration  from the beautiful and dramatic land around him and is particularly concerned with the wild animals that live in this part of Scotland.

Paul prefers to sculpt animals in clay and these are often one off sculptures that are fired in an electric kiln. Each individual sculpture is created with the intent of doing justice to the wild spirit of the subject. He likes using clay as it allows him to work rapidly and energetically , hence retaining a sense of vitality in the finished piece.

Justin Zhu has created strikingly beautiful nickel resin sculptures based on his equine studies. The nickel finish highlights the captivating detail of every piece with a contemporary twist which makes them ideal gifts for equestrians and horse lovers.