rourkeRourke has made a name for himself as part of the urban contemporary art scene, exhibiting extensively in both Europe and the Americas. His roots however are strongly cemented in the North of England, where he took inspiration from the Bradford streets he grew up in, skateboarding in his Doc Martins.

As a self-taught artist with no qualifications, Rourke learned to express himself in every which-way possible, nurturing his creative talents in run down warehouses, and decorating his concrete kingdom!

As one man with a love for his art, Rourke went out on a limb and took risks, exploring and inventing techniques and becoming a true ‘artrepeneur’! He evolved with the rise of the urban art movement, and helped it emerge from the streets into a mainstream world-wide phenomenon.

Rourke’s ‘Urban Pop’ collection has been produced from his studio in Yorkshire, where he continues to work and make a mark on ‘anything he can get his hands on’. It deliciously combines obvious influences of the pop art movement of the 1950s with his own urban contemporary twist.