Wildlife artistSamantha has been interested in art from early childhood being particularly inspired with the illustrations in a copy of Aesop’s fables.

At the age of eight she moved from London to Bournemouth, instilling a deep love of the sea. After deciding against going to art college she followed her dream to travel, became a croupier and worked firstly in London and then on the cruise ships out of Miami sailing around the Caribbean.

When I paint, I feel and experience the world around me on a much deeper level. This helps me to explore, understand and ultimately feel a close connection to my subject and the world around me.

When I am not at my easel, I enjoy being in the countryside, at the beach or practising yoga. I am inspired by life – I love light and colour, especially the way they interact to describe a subject. My aim is to capture the wonder that I feel at the sheer beauty and perfection in nature.

On returning to Bournemouth, she studied an A Level Art course at night school. She had just started to sell some paintings and taking on commissions when she became ill. Once on the road to recovery, the first thing she did was to resume painting and to take up yoga, both of which have helped to rebuild her life.

Fate intervened and quite by chance I met an established artist who was having an exhibition at my local gallery who recommended I should send my work to a fine art publisher. I have been painting in earnest ever since and am absolutely delighted to now be a working artist, a dream come true.

I feel that I am just starting out on a voyage of discovery and am so excited to be painting again, hopefully my work will continue to evolve and change as I experiment and gain in confidence.

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