The artist Victoria France Born in 1974, Victoria France grew up in the Heart of England, where she still lives and works today. After completing an Art Foundation course, she graduated from the University of Worcester with a BA Honours degree in Art and Design. 

She worked as a teacher and arts co-ordinator for 11 years and then as a deputy head-teacher.

Now working as a full-time artist in her home studio, she creates beautifully vibrant original pieces of artwork using acrylics and a range of mixed media. Very much inspired by nature, her work is an eclectic celebration of texture, colour, shape and form. The distinctive three dimensional qualities are created using numerous processes and stages of experimentation. These offer intriguing layers and formations that entice the senses and evoke a sense of curiosity and joy. Each hand-made embellishment captures a sumptuous and unique natural quality.

I love that there is an imperfect perfection within nature and have endeavoured to create a distinctive contrast between more structured and organic forms within my work.”

Victoria works on multiple compositions simultaneously, using new discoveries to inform each original piece as it progresses. Rich hues of colour are utilised to express different moods and emotions, distinctly different and constantly changing in appearance throughout the day. The high-gloss finish is created using an opulent resin coating, bringing the colours and composition to its stunning completion.

“Art has been an ongoing passion throughout my life. I feel an exhilarating sense of freedom when creating my artwork. I work in a very spontaneous and instinctive way, allowing ideas and inspiration to flow. My work is very much an emotional response to life. When we are deeply moved by something beautiful, for a moment, our senses are suspended. We linger within the space between our thoughts and we know the true beauty of all things. It is this sense of awe and wonder that inspires me and my work.”