The Life Tree is a personalised picture fom artist Lisa Beta

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About The Artist

The artist of The Life TreeRussian artist Lisa Beta had the best start an illustrator could want as her father was both an illustrator and animator.

He taught her how to draw, and she grew up surrounded by illustration and animation work. These rich creative roots have served her well, and their influence can be seen in her cartoony, character-led imagery.

Lisa built on the drawing skills she learnt growing up by studying and graduating in Art History and Criticism at Lomonosov State University in Moscow.

Like many artists, Lisa prefers drawing by hand and so she always starts off one of her images this way rather than by using a graphics tablet. Rough sketching on paper just feels more natural than using the monitor. Her sketches are scanned and worked up in 2D using Adobe Photoshop.

Lisa’s images are cartoonish, colourful and fun, and she gives each of her characters life and their own backgrounds. Although they’re created in 2D, there’s a 3D feel to them thanks to the careful way she uses lighting to give them depth.

When she is not working, Lisa loves to travel, and being a freelancer gives her the freedom to visit other countries whilst keeping up to date with her projects.

Read More About The Life Tree