Born in England and living in Germany, Saudi Arabia, Kenya and New Zealand during her early childhood, Natalie finally settled in Sydney, Australia. She has good memories of growing up in these very different environments – including her memories of the family’s pet monkey “Chippy” while in Kenya, Africa. Natalie had a love for animals and while growing up spent many hours sketching the things she loved. ”The ever-so-popular “Women with Attitude” series continues to give viewers a smile, a giggle or a laugh as they frequently identify with images that depict what women love to do in today’s fast-paced life.

Natalie is internationally known, her works are in private collections around the world, and appears regularly as Guest Artist on cruise ships. Another significant honour for Natalie was to be selected to paint 225 original works for a boutique five-star hotel in Australia. In addition, a winemaker from Spain, who is a great fan of Natalie’s work, approached her and now has a licencing agreement that allows a selection of Natalie’s works to be featured on a range of wine labels – these wines are now being distributed worldwide.

A passion for shoes has laced an Australian artist to one of the world’s most revered footwear designers. Queensland painter Natalie Dyer was the guest of honour at the launch of the new Jimmy Choo Couture line at the Malaysian International Shoe Festival in Kuala Lumpur. It was the first time the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism had invited an Australian artist to the festival. While there, Dyer showcased her tongue-in-cheek ‘‘Women with Attitude’’ series and impressed the luxury shoe designer with her delightful canvas. The month-long festival featured the 10 most successful creations of Jimmy Choo.  Dyer participates in exhibitions around Australia and internationally.

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