Baby Oh ! A new baby orangutan from Edge Sculpture is now available for free delivery within 48 hours. It is produced in a numbered edition with 20% of the proceeds donated to the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund. for Primate Welfare and Conservation. A super addition to the Baby Orangutan and adult Orangutan already available.

See the Baby Oh Orangutan by Edge Sculpture

Baby Oh Orangutan by Matt Buckley of Edge Sculpture

Matt Buckley, the designer and sculptor of the unique Edge Sculpture range of contemporary sculptures has created this wonderful sculpt of a Baby Orangutan of which 20% of the proceeds will go towards the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund for Primate Welfare and Conservation. (Charity No. 1126939.)

Shelley Fletcher, Chief Executive of the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund, has been incredibly encouraging and informative outlining the ongoing plight and continuation of Jim’s exceptionally noble legacy. The Organisations continual mission is to strive toward the rescue and rehabilitation of both the Great Apes and Monkeys who face the very real challenges of survival as the developing world continues to impact and ultimately endanger their species as it almost silently encroaches upon their habitats.

We say silently because a very strong part of the Organisations remit is to not only provide physical aid and action but to also bring to the attention of the general public the actual threat towards our not too distant cousins and to also educate and make people aware that such fine creatures face endangerment and struggle every day.

This piece will be an ascending numbered edition, which means that every Orangutan Baby will come marked with an individual number, signed by Matt Buckley along with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Approximately 185mm (7.3 inches) tall, 180mm (7.1 inches) wide and 145mm (5.7 inches) deep.