Nuria Miro Almarche

Superb new original paintings from this very talented Spanish artist with masterful use of light and colour.

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Nuria Miro AlmarcheNuria Muro Almarche

About The Artist

Nuria was born in Alcoy (Alicante) in 1961. She studied at the School of Arts and Crafts in her hometown, later moving to the College of Fine Arts of San Carlos in Valencia.

She is married to the famous artist Antonio Garcia.

Nuria Miro Almarche is a painter of quality, being sensitive, emotive and poetic, with a highly expressive style in brushstrokes, and a clean and accurate use of colour, continually playing with light and shadow. With knowledge and feeling, she presents painting as easy with masterful drawing, perfect perspective and loose brushwork.

Her technique shows constant improvement as evidenced in the extent of her works from Ibizan cityscapes,  compositions of architectural forms, buildings bathed by strong sunlight and her figures on beaches. She is a big fan of light and colours of Mediterranean styles.