Lenny Cornforth is a Cornish painter of contemporary seascapes from an aerial view point.

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Lenny Cornforth - Original Paintings

Endlessly enthralled by the Atlantic ocean, Lenny Cornforth takes inspiration from the northern coast of Cornwall, using layers of translucent colour and texture to construct vibrant and emotional paintings evoking the joyful colours of the landscape around her. Working in both oil and acrylic each piece develops gradually, each layer establishing the shapes within the painting.

A keen sailor and surfer, Lenny often draws on her own experiences in the sea, days walking the coastal paths and summers lying in the sand to inform her compositions. Much of her work is based on the Camel Estuary where she learnt to sail.

After graduating from Newcastle University with a degree in Fine Art, Lenny has exhibited widely in the UK. Nonetheless she has always been drawn back to Cornwall, where she currently lives near Bodmin with her husband and son, two dogs and 50 Dorset sheep.

See the Art of Lenny Cornforth