Alberto Martinez - Limited Edition - Time Line

Time Line – Time Is Of The Essence

Alberto’s new limited edition imagines a world that works in better synchronicity with itself ; a place in perpetual movement, going in all directions.  As he says .. Given the importance of life as we know it, I’ve given many of the characters a water background with both sea and freshwater fish joined together in unison, sharing space with no sense of hierarchy.

Within this picture there are elements of clockwork mechanisms, Omega speedmaster being a favourite of mine, as well as being the watch used by most astronauts, cementing both the concept and deception of time. This clockwork detail frames part of the station structure both visually and metaphorically, as well as posters on the ceiling serving as a reminder of the struggles that we have had and may continue to have during our relationship with the natural world.

This picture is meant to be a colourful and lively homage to a time where we live in better harmony with all living things, hopefully in the near future.

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Alberto Martinez - Framed Limited Edition - Time Line