Superb new releases from Matt Buckley of Edge Sculpture include a Bull Terrier in 5 colourways as well as Venetian Carnival and Japanese Hannya Masks in 2 colourways. The masks include stands but can also be wall mounted.

Bull Terriers

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Bull Terriers (clockwise) Brindle, White, Tricolour, Red and Bullseye.
Dimensions (cm) : 49 (h) x 33 (l) x 49 (d)
Price : £ 300.00
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Venetian Carnival & Japanese Hannya Masks

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New Red & Gold and Teal Venetian Carnival Masks with Red and White Japanese Hannya Masks which come with stands or can also be wall mounted.

Venetian Carnival Masks

Venetian masks are a centuries old tradition typically worn during the Carnival of Venice and on other occasions to hide the wearer’s identity and social status.

Edge Sculpture - Venetian - Mask - Red

Edge Sculpture - Venetian - Mask - Teal







Venetian Carnival Masks
Dimensions (cm) :  50 (h) x 40 (l) x 16 (d) cm and stands at 59 cm high on a metal base.
Price : £ 200.00
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Japanese Hannya Masks

The Hannya mask is a mask used in Japanese theatre to represent a jealous female demon. It possesses two sharp bull like horns, metallic eyes and a leering mouth.

Edge Sculpture - Hannya - Mask - Red

Edge Sculpture - Hannya - Mask - White







Japanese Hannya Mask
Dimensions (cm) :  36 (h) x 27 (l) x 15 (d) cm and stands at 52 cm high on a metal base.
Price : £ 200.00
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